Tizen Native API  7.0
wifi_direct_connected_peer_info_s Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char * device_name
char * ip_address
char * mac_address
char * interface_address
int channel
bool p2p_supported
wifi_direct_primary_device_type_e primary_device_type
wifi_direct_secondary_device_type_e secondary_device_type
unsigned int service_count
char ** service_list
bool is_miracast_device

Detailed Description

Wi-Fi Direct buffer structure to store information of connected peer.

Since :
You can use APIs for wifi-direct display function instead of is_miracast_device value which is deprecated since 2.4.
See also:

Member Data Documentation

Device's friendly name

Device's P2P Interface Address

Is a wifi display device

since tizen 2.4, use wifi direct display APIs instead of is_miracast_device value.

Device's P2P Device Address

Whether peer is a P2P device

The number of Registered services

The list of registered services