Tizen Native API  7.0
wifi_direct_discovered_peer_info_s Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char * device_name
char * mac_address
char * interface_address
int channel
bool is_connected
bool is_group_owner
bool is_persistent_group_owner
wifi_direct_primary_device_type_e primary_device_type
wifi_direct_secondary_device_type_e secondary_device_type
int supported_wps_types
bool is_p2p_invitation_procedure_supported
unsigned int service_count
char ** service_list
bool is_miracast_device
void * vsie_info

Detailed Description

Wi-Fi Direct buffer structure to store result of peer discovery.

Since :
You can use APIs for Wi-Fi Direct display function instead of is_miracast_device value which is deprecated since 2.4.
See also:

Member Data Documentation

Channel the device is listening on

Device's P2P Interface Address, Valid only if device is a P2P GO

Is an active P2P Group Owner

Is a wifi display device

Deprecated since 2.4, use wifi direct display APIs instead of is_miracast_device value.

Is capable of processing P2P Invitation Procedure signaling

Device's P2P Device Address

The number of Registered services

The list of registered services

The information for vendor specific information element

Deprecated since 5.0, use wifi_direct_get_peer_vsie() API instead of vsie_info value.