Tizen Native API
_Eina_Inarray Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int version
unsigned int member_size
unsigned int len
unsigned int max
unsigned int step
void * members

Detailed Description

Inline array structure, use Eina_Inarray typedef instead.

Do not modify these fields directly, use eina_inarray_step_set() or eina_inarray_new() instead.

Since (EFL) :

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int _Eina_Inarray::len

Number of elements used by the members

unsigned int _Eina_Inarray::max

Number of elements allocated to the members

Byte size of each entry in the members

Actual array of elements

unsigned int _Eina_Inarray::step

Amount to grow the number of members allocated

Should match the EINA_ARRAY_VERSION used when compiling your apps, provided for ABI compatibility