Create Tizen Images with Tizen Image Creator (TIC)

This topic provides information on how to create a Tizen image with TIC.

To use TIC, you have to set up the docker initially. For information on docker setup, see Set up docker.

Tizen Image Creator

TIC is an image creator tool used to create images for Tizen. The main features of TIC are as follows:

  • Provides web-based user interface
  • Easy installation with the docker image
  • Supports YAML style recipe

Supported environment

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher

Set up TIC on your PC

  1. Download the pre-configured docker-compose file, TIC docker-compose.

  2. Run the TIC docker container as a service:

       docker login -u [DockerHub_Username] -p [DockerHub_Password]
       docker-compose pull
       docker-compose up -d

Connect to the TIC web-service

Open the web browser and enter in the address bar. The TIC web UI screen appears:

TIC web-service

Once the Tizen image is created, the final step is to flash the image to a target device for verification. For more information, see Flashing an Image to RPI.

TIC Frequently Asked Questions describes frequently asked questions and known issues.