Contributing to Tizen Studio

Tizen Studio is an open-source project. You can contribute to the source code and help improve Tizen Studio.

You can access the Tizen source code and code review at the following sites:

To contribute code to Tizen Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the source code repository:

    git clone ssh://<ID><git project path>
  2. Create a Git branch for your changes:

    git checkout opensrc
  3. Develop your contribution.

    For more information on how to develop and package Tizen Studio extensions, see the following guides:

  4. Build and test your contribution.

    Create a patch with your code, including appropriate test cases, which are mandatory if you add functionality or fix a bug. For more information on building the code locally for testing, see the Local Build Guide.

  5. Commit and push your changes:

    git add <file name>
    git commit -m <update massage>
    git log // To successfully push your code, you must include 'change-id' and 'Signed-off-by' lines.
    git push origin <branch name>

    The change is listed in Gerrit Code Review.

  6. Request a code review.

    In Gerrit, open your change line and add the extension maintainer as a reviewer.

    To identify the maintainer, in the extension source code package directory, open the pkginfo.manifest file.

    Your code can be merged by the maintainer when it meets the following criteria:

    • It has been reviewed by 2 reviewers.
    • The Code-Review score is 2 points or more.

    Code review