You can perform various operations in Gerrit:

  • To watch a project

    If you are interested in a package that has an important relation to yours, like a dependency, you can watch that package project. You receive notifications when a patchset for a watched project is uploaded to Gerrit.

    To adjust the Watched Projects settings to monitor new projects, in the Gerrit Web UI, go to Settings (top right) > Watched Projects, enter the project name, and click Watch.

  • To replace a patch set

    You can add a new patch set that replaces an existing patch set with an updated version of the same logical modification, by sending a new commit to the change’s ref number. For example, to add a commit where the SHA-1 starts with “c0ffee”, as a new patch set for change number 1979, use the following command:

    $ git push ssh://<PROJECT_NAME> c0ffee:refs/changes/1979

    Sometimes you can use the git commit --amend command to update an existing local commit, and then push to Gerrit using HEAD:refs/changes/1979, instead of having to use a hash ID.

  • To use command line tools

    You can use various command attributes to manage command line tools:

    ssh -p <port> <host> gerrit review [--message <MESSAGE>] [--verified <N>] [--code-review <N>] [--abandon]{COMMIT | CHANGEID,PATCHSET}...
  • To review a patch set

    You can review patch sets by using the command line. For example, to verify, approve, and submit the patch “c0ff33”:

    $ ssh gerrit review --verified=+1 --code-review=+2 --submit c0ff33
  • To abandon a patch set

    You can drop an uploaded patch by clicking Abandon in the Gerrit Web UI or using a command:

    $ ssh gerrit review --abandon c0ff33
  • To access more detailed instructions

    For detailed instructions, use the --help command:

    $ ssh gerrit --help

    or see Gerrit Code Review - Command Line Tools.