Customizing Images

You can customize your image by downloading and editing the kickstart file. For more information on kickstart, see Kickstart Options.

Specifying the repository

You can specify which repository must be used to create a package, including a local repository:

repo --name=Tizen-main --baseurl= --save  --ssl_verify=no

repo --name=Tizen-base --baseurl= --save  --ssl_verify=no

repo --name=mylocal--baseurl=/local/repo/path/

Specifying the user and password to access the repository

If remote repository access requires a password, you can specify the user and password for the repository in the .ks file:

repo --name=REPO-NAME --baseurl= --save  --ssl_verify=no

Add and remove packages

You can specify the packages which you plan to install in the %packages section of the .ks file. Packages can be specified by a group/pattern or by an individual package name. The definition of the group/pattern can be referred to in the repodata/*comps.xml or repodata/pattern.xml file, which are both released on the download server.

The %packages section is required to end with %end. Also, multiple %packages sections are allowed. Additionally, individual packages can be specified by using globs. For example:

@Tizen Core            # add a group named Tizen Core, and all the packages in this group are added
e17-*                  # add all the packages whose name starts with "e17-"
kernel                 # add a kernel package
nss-server.armv7hl     # add nss-server with arch armv7hl
-passwd                # remove the package passwd

Specifying the post-scripts

Use the following command:

rpm -rebuilddb