Tizen IVI 3.0 Milestones

Milestone 2 (March 2014)

On the 22th of April, the IVI team released Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-March2014 Release for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI).

This release features kernel 3.13.3, Wayland 1.4 and sample HomeScreen (ICO) version 0.9, which is uses the GENIVI layer management engine. It is expected to be the last release using the webkit-efl based Tizen Web Runtime (WRT). Future Tizen IVI releases will include Crosswalk as the WRT engine. Crosswalk is based on Chromium/Blink which are well-established projects with a proven track record of providing top-level performance and strong community support. Light Media Scanner (LMS) provides a fast and lightweight media indexing service. Cowhide adds a web technology framework allowing access to UI buttons and widgets, offering day/night mode properties that are exposed by Automotive Message Broker. SMACK based 3-domain security framework was added to enable restricted information sharing among system processes

For more information, see the full release notes.