Tizen 3.0 Public M3

Release date: Jul. 5, 2017

Tizen 3.0 public M3 has been released, mainly containing security fixes.

Release details

Release notes

Security fixes

  • Fixed over 40 instances of non-compliant code
    For example, in systemd, crash-worker, aul, resourced, deviced, sdbd, efl, smack, aul, e-mod-tizen-devicemgr, account-common, capi-network-smartcard, and smartcard-service.
  • Fixed over 100 CVE security vulnerabilities
    For example, in swap-manager, dnsmasq, gnutls, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly, iotivity, libav, libsndfile, linaro-glibc, tiff, util-linux, nodejs, giflib, iptables, libgcrypt, libpng, and libunwind.