Flash an Image to Device

The instructions for flashing depend on the type of device you are using. Instructions are available for the following devices:

  • TM1 reference device

To flash the Tizen image to the TM1 reference device:

  1. Boot the device into download mode:

    1. Make sure the device is powered off.

    2. Press the Volume down, Home, and Power keys simultaneously.

      The device boots up and the download mode image is displayed on the screen.

  2. Connect the device to the Linux PC with a USB cable.

  3. Flash the image.

    To flash the image, execute the lthor command in a console on the Linux PC:

    $ sudo ./lthor TM1-201609030819.tar.gz
  4. Wait until files are downloaded on to the device. The device is automatically rebooted after a successful download.


Tizen images of version 2.4 and higher do not contain the TM1-hardware-dependent binaries by default. To make TM1 function correctly, you must install the additional binaries manually. For more information, see Tizen Device Firmware.