Modifying Certificate Manager Texts

To modify the content of the certificate type selection window of the Certificate Manager:

  1. Use the org.tizen.common.sign.ui.certificateTypes extension point:

    • Identifier: org.tizen.common.sign.ui.certificateTypes

    • Description: This extension point is used for registering the extension certificate type.

    • Configuration:

      <!ELEMENT extension (type)>
      <!ATTLIST extension
         id CDATA #IMPLIED
         name CDATA #IMPLIED
         point CDATA #REQUIRED>
      • id: Optional identifier of the extension instance
      • name: Optional name of the extension instance
      • point: Fully-qualified identifier of the target extension point
      <!ELEMENT type (button)>
      <!ATTLIST type
         name CDATA #REQUIRED>
      • name: Required name of the certificate type
      <!ELEMENT button>
      <!ATTLIST button
         label CDATA #IMPLIED
         description CDATA #IMPLIED
         normalImage CDATA #IMPLIED
         selectedImage CDATA #IMPLIED
         hoverImage CDATA #IMPLIED
         handler CDATA #IMPLIED>
      • label: Label to be displayed at the top of this creation button. This value must be the unique name of the certificate type.
      • description: Description displayed in the UI when the mouse cursor is on the creation button
      • normalImage: Plugin-relative path to the image to be displayed as the normal state for the creation button
      • selectedImage: Plugin-relative path to the image to be displayed as the selected state for the creation button
      • hoverImage: Plugin-relative path to the image to be displayed as the hover state for the creation button
      • handler: Fully-qualified name of a handler class that implements org.tizen.common.sign.ui.ICertificateCreationHandler. Call the execute() method of this handler when the button is clicked.
  2. Implement the new plugin in the plugin.xml file:

    Changes to plugin.xml

  3. Add org.tizen.common.sign.ui to the Require-bundle attribute in the plugin.xml file:

    Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.ui,
  4. Implement the handler class:

    public class TizenCertCreationHandler implements ICertificateCreationHandler {
         * Execute certificate creation
         * @return the return code. Two standard return codes are predefined, OK and CANCEL.
        public int execute() {
            CertificateCreationWizard wizard = new CertificateCreationWizard();
            CertificateCreationWizardDialog dialog = new CertificateCreationWizardDialog(SWTUtil.getShell(), wizard);
            if ( == Dialog.OK) {
                return OK;
            return CANCEL;
  5. To change the text of the certificate type selection window, change the attributes in the plugin.xml file: Certificate selection window elements and their corresponding XML elements