gbs submit

Use the gbs submit subcommand to create or push tags to Gerrit. This triggers a code push from Gerrit to OBS.

For command usage details, enter:

$ gbs submit --help


  • Create a tag on a current working branch and submit it directly:

    $ gbs submit -m 'release for 0.1'

    GBS creates an annotated tag named “submit/${cur_branch_name}/${date}.${time}” on HEAD commit, and submits it directly.

  • Use the -c option to submit a specific commit:

    $ gbs submit -c <commit_ID> -m 'release for 0.2'
  • Use the --target option to specify the target version to submit:

    $ gbs submit --target=trunk -m 'release for 0.2.1'


    The --target options allows you to specify the target version. By default, the version is trunk. The valid value of --target must be matched with the remote branch name. The backend service uses this branch information to create the SR and submit it to the correct OBS project.

  • Use the -r option to specify the remote Gerrit server to submit. By default, the server is origin.

    $ gbs submit -r tizen:public/base/gcc -m 'release for 0.4'
  • If your gpg key has been set, use the -s option to create a signed tag:

    $ gbs submit -m 'release for 0.3' -s