Screen Orientation Sample Overview

The Screen Orientation sample application demonstrates how you can retrieve information about the current screen orientation status.

The following figure illustrates the main screens of the Screen Orientation application.

Figure: Screen Orientation screens

Screen Orientation Screens

The application displays the current screen orientation as the device changes its orientation:

  • The orientation value can be portrait-primary, landscape-primary, or landscape-secondary.
  • The default mode is portrait-primary.

Source Files

You can create and view the sample application project including the source files in the IDE.

File name Description
config.xml This file contains the application information for the platform to install and launch the application.
css/style.css This file contains CSS styling for the application UI.
index.html This is a starting file from which the application starts loading. It contains the layout of the application screen.
js/app.js This file contains the code for handling the main functionality of the application.


To access the screen orientation, the screen-orientation property of the Tizen setting details in the config.xml file must be set to auto-rotation.

You can change the value in the Tizen tab of the Web application configuration editor.

<!-- config.xml -->	

<widget xmlns="" xmlns:tizen="" id="http://yourdomain/ScreenOrientation" version="1.0.0" viewmodes="maximized">
    <tizen:setting screen-orientation="auto-rotation" context-menu="enable" background-support="disable" encryption="disable" install-location="auto" hwkey-event="enable"/>

To retrieve the current screen orientation, use the screen.orientation attribute (before Tizen 3.0) or the screen.orientation.type attribute (after Tizen 3.0).

/* js/app.js */

// Change the text to show the current orientation type
if (screen.orientation.type === undefined) {
    orientationValue.innerHTML = screen.orientation;
} else {
    orientationValue.innerHTML = screen.orientation.type;

To receive notifications when the screen orientation status changes, add an event listener to the screen object.

/* js/app.js */

// Show the orientation type of the screen when it is changed
try {
    // Event listener for Tizen 2.3.1 and 2.4 platforms
    screen.addEventListener("orientationchange", showOrientation, false);
} catch (ignore) {


try {
    // Event listener for platforms after Tizen 3.0
    screen.orientation.addEventListener("change", showOrientation);
} catch (ignore) {