Prerequisites of Visual Studio Code Extension for Tizen

Visual Studio Code Extension for Tizen enables you to develop Tizen .NET and Tizen Web applications easily using Visual Studio Code. To work with VS Code Extension for Tizen, your computer must have below prerequisites:

  • Supported host platform

    VS Code Extension for Tizen supports the following operating systems:

    • Windows 10 (64 bit)
    • Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 (64 bit)
    • macOS 11.4(Big Sur)/12.3(Monterey)
  • Required tools

    To use VS Code Extension for Tizen, you must install the following tools:

    • .NET Core SDK 2.0 or later for Tizen .NET only

      Download from

    • Node.js

      Download from

    • Tizen Baseline SDK or Tizen Studio

      If neither of these is found, VS Code Extension for Tizen installs the Baseline SDK.

    • Microsoft C# extension for Visual Studio Code for Tizen .NET only

      Install from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Emulator requirements

Tizen Emulator for VS Code Extension for Tizen has the same requirements as the emulator in Tizen Studio. To check the detailed hardware and software requirements for Tizen Emulator, see Emulator Requirements.

  • Intel® Hardware Acceleration Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM) speeds up the Tizen emulation on Intel-VT-enabled systems. For more information, see Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager.

  • Make sure Hyper-V is disabled (in Windows 10 or higher):

    1. Input Control Panel on the Search box in Windows 10.

    2. Click Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.

    3. Disable Hyper-V and click OK.

      Disable Hyper-V

    4. Reboot the computer.