Personal Data

The personal data features introduce how you can manage user accounts, calendars, and contact information. You can also manage authentication and device usage data.

You can use the following personal data features in your native applications:

  • Account Management

    You can access user accounts and account providers. After getting a specific account, you can manage it, retrieve account information, and manage account secrecy.

  • Synchronization Management

    You can synchronize service application data between a server and the device by creating various sync jobs.

  • Authentication and Authorization

    You can obtain an access token by using the OAuth 2.0 authorization. The OAuth 2.0 authorization framework enables you to obtain limited access to an HTTP service, either on behalf of a resource owner by orchestrating an approval interaction between the resource owner and the HTTP service, or by allowing you to obtain access on your own behalf. You can also use the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework to authenticate users.

  • Calendar

    You can manage calendars, events, and tasks on a device. You can add, modify, and monitor calendar items, and set reminders for important items. You can also convert calendar items to the vCalendar format.

  • Contacts

    You can manage address books, persons, contacts, and contact groups on a device. You can add, modify, and monitor contacts. You can also convert contacts to the vCard format.

  • Phone Number Management

    You can parse and format phone numbers to make contact management and telephony easier. You can retrieve location information from a phone number, and format the number according to a specific locale.

  • Contextual Device Usage History Data

    The Tizen platform collects data on the device usage. Based on this data, you can retrieve the user’s application usage patterns, such as information about frequently used applications, from the device usage history to perform statistical analysis.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
    • Tizen 3.0 and Higher for Wearable