Widget Service

The Widget Service API provides functionality to get the information of installed widgets.

The main features of the Widget Service API include:

  • Retrieving information of widgets

    You can retrieve the information of an installed widget application.

  • Communicating with running widget instances

    You can communicate with running widget instances.


This API will work only if the widget and application are packaged together.


  1. To use the Widget Service API (in mobile and wearable applications), the application has to request permission by adding the following privilege to the tizen-manifest.xml file:

  2. To use the functions of the Widget Service API, include the <widget_service.h> header file in your application:

    #include <widget_service.h>

Retrieve the information

Widget Service API provides functions to get the information about widget related properties.

  1. Gets the pixel size of given size type:

    int ret;
    int w;
    int h;
    ret = widget_service_get_size(WIDGET_SIZE_TYPE_2x2, &w, &h);
  2. Gets the supported list of sizes:

    int ret;
    int cnt = 20;
    int *w;
    int *h;
    ret = widget_service_get_supported_sizes("pkg_id", &cnt, &w, &h);
  3. Gets the ID of a widget by the given ID of package or UI app:

    char *id;
    int result;
    id = widget_service_get_widget_id("pkg_id");

Communicate with widget instances

Widget Service API provides functions to trigger the event that changes the state of the widget.

  1. Triggers the update event for a given widget instance:

    int ret;
    int force = 0;
    Bundle data;
    data = bundle_create();
    ret = widget_service_trigger_update("widget_id", "instance_id", data, force);
  2. Changes the update period of the given widget instance:

    int ret;
    ret = widget_service_change_period("widget_id", "instance_id", 1.0);
  3. Gets and Sets the disabled state of a widget:

    void _widget_disable_event_cb(const char *widget_id, bool is_disabled, void *user_data)
    int ret;
    bool is_disabled = true;
    ret = widget_service_get_widget_disabled(SAMPLE_PKGNAME, &is_disabled);
    ret = widget_service_set_disable_event_cb(_widget_disable_event_cb, NULL);
    ret = widget_service_set_widget_disabled("widget_id", true);

    ‘widget_service_set_widget_disabled’ is not for use by third-party applications.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
    • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable