Creating Applications with Graphics and Animation

If you want to create applications that offer graphics features to the user, Tizen provides various options for you.

You can draw various shapes, such as squares and polygons, on the screen, and you can animate screen elements to change their size, position, and color.

When creating a graphics application, you can implement the following features:

  • Squares on the canvas
    • You can draw a square on the screen.
    • When overlaying multiple squares, you can see how their colors change due to the overlays.
  • Polygons on the canvas
    • You can draw a triangle on the canvas.
    • You can add and display a pentagon on the same canvas.
  • Animations
    • You can create rectangles on the screen, and use animations to change their position, size, and color.
    • You can manage the animations to make them start at specific moments and run for a predefined duration.