Circle Surface

This feature is supported in wearable applications only.

The circle surface component manages and renders circle objects. Multiple circle objects can be connected to 1 circle surface as candidates of an object to be rendered. When 1 circle object is set as visible, the surface renders the circle object and hides the others.

For more information, see the Efl Extension Circle Surface API.

Adding a Circle Surface Component

To create a new circle surface:

  • Create a circle surface in the conformant layer using the eext_circle_surface_conformant_add() function:

    Eext_Circle_Surface *surface;
    Evas_Object *conformant;
    conformant = elm_conformant_add(parent);
    surface = eext_circle_surface_conformant_add(conformant);
  • Create a circle surface in the layout layer using the eext_circle_surface_layout_add() function:

    Eext_Circle_Surface *surface;
    Evas_Object *layout;
    layout = elm_layout_add(parent);
    surface = eext_circle_surface_layout_add(layout);
  • Create a circle surface in the naviframe layer using the eext_circle_surface_naviframe_add() function:

    Eext_Circle_Surface *surface;
    Evas_Object *naviframe;
    naviframe = elm_naviframe_add(parent);
    surface = eext_circle_surface_naviframe_add(naviframe);

A circle surface is a non-graphical object. It adds no graphics to or around the objects it holds.

Adding Circle Objects to the Circle Surface

You can add any circle objects to a circle surface.

To create a circle slider (eext_slider) component and add it to a circle surface in the conformant layer:

Eext_Circle_Surface *surface;
Evas_Object *slider;

surface = eext_circle_surface_conformant_add(conformant);
slider = eext_circle_object_slider_add(parent, surface);

Deleting the Circle Surface

Deleting the Evas object (conformant, layout, or naviframe) automatically deletes the circle surface in the same layer.

You can, however, explicitly use the eext_circle_surface_del() function to delete a circle surface:


The eext_circle_surface_del() function does not delete the connected circle objects.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable