Phone Number Management

Tizen enables you to parse and format phone numbers. The Phonenumber utils APIs are implemented with the libphonenumber open source library.

The main features of the Phonenumber utils API include:

  • Retrieving the location information

    You can get the location based on the phone number, region, and language using the phone_number_get_location_from_number() function. If the function cannot provide the location with the passed language, it uses English.

  • Formatting the phone number

    You can format the phone number string based on the region using the dash ("-") and space (" ") characters using the phone_number_get_formatted_number() function.

  • Normalizing the phone number

    You can normalize the phone number using the phone_number_get_normalized_number() function.


To enable your application to use the phonenumber utils functionality:

  1. To use the Phonenumber utils API (in mobile and wearable applications), the application has to request permission by adding the following privileges to the tizen-manifest.xml file:

  2. To use the functions and data types of the Phonenumber utils API, include the <phone_number.h> header file in your application:

    #include <phone_number.h>

    To ensure that a Phonenumber utils function has been executed properly, make sure that the return is equal to PHONE_NUMBER_ERROR_NONE.

  3. To connect to the Phonenumber utils service and to access the service features, use phone_number_connect():

    int error_code;
    error_code = phone_number_connect();

    When the service is no longer needed, disconnect from it using the phone_number_disconnect() function:

    error_code = phone_number_disconnect();

Getting the Location

To get the location from the phone number, use the phone_number_get_location_from_number() function:

int ret;
char *location = NULL;

ret = phone_number_get_location_from_number("0222550114", PHONE_NUMBER_REGION_REPUBLIC_OF_KOREA,
                                            PHONE_NUMBER_LANG_ENGLISH, &location);
    /* Use location */
    /* location – "Seoul" */
    dlog_print(DLOG_DEBUG, LOG_TAG, "location=%s", location);

Formatting the Number

To format the phone number to use region-specific separators, use the phone_number_get_formatted_number() function:

int ret;
char *formatted_number = NULL;

ret = phone_number_get_formatted_number("0222550114", PHONE_NUMBER_REGION_REPUBLIC_OF_KOREA,
    /* Use formatted_number */
    /* formatted_number - "02-2255-0114" */
    dlog_print(DLOG_DEBUG, LOG_TAG, "formatted_number=%s", formatted_number);

Normalizing the Number

To normalize the phone number, use the phone_number_get_normalized_number() function:

int ret;
char *normalized_number = NULL;

ret = phone_number_get_normalized_number("0222550114", normalized_number);
    /* Use normalized_number */
    /* normalized_number - "+821022550114" */
    dlog_print(DLOG_DEBUG, LOG_TAG, "normalized_number=%s", normalized_number);
  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
    • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable