Writing and Editing Code

Tizen Studio provides the following set of tools to help you write and edit code in your native application projects:

  • Content Assist (Completing and Entering APIs with Assist and Hover)
    The Content Assist tool provides the API assist and hover features to ease code writing. The API assist helps you to write code quickly by completing the names of the APIs automatically when writing a part of the API name. The API hover displays information about API functions, API-related types, and macros for the native framework.

  • API and Privilege Checker (Verifying APIs and Privileges)
    The API Checker tool checks for API and privilege usage violations in the application code. It helps you to identify and fix potential problems in the application code related to the API and privilege versions.

  • UI Builder (Building UIs with Components)
    The UI Builder tool is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design environment editor used to create user interfaces. It simplifies the creation of Tizen native application UIs by allowing you to arrange UI components using drag-and-drop operations. The UI Builder is a UI layout code generating tool, which also supports an easy-to-use programming model.

  • EDC Editor (Designing UIs with the EDC Editor)
    The EDC Editor tool is an EDC (Edje Data Collections) script editor that supports text editing and previewing functions for the EDC source code. You can write simple and complex layout designs using the EDC script with the EDC Editor. The EDC Editor makes it easier to write the EDC script code and faster to finish your work.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher