TizenNUIGadget RPK development

Develop application

The following sections explain how to use Visual Studio Extension for creating Tizen .NET NUIGadget project and building it as an RPK package.


Below are the prerequisites for creating Tizen .NET NUIGadget project in Visual Studio:

  • Make sure that Tizen Studio Version 5.1 or above is installed.
  • Make sure to set the Tool Path (Tizen SDK) in Tools > Options > Tizen > Tools with the installed 5.1 or above Tizen Studio path.

Create Tizen .NET NUIGadget project

To create a Tizen .NET NUIGadget project in Visual Studio:

  1. Launch the Visual Studio tool.

  2. In the Visual Studio menu, select File > New > Project.

    Create Tizen project

  3. In the new project menu, select C# and Tizen from the dropdown list. Then, select Tizen DotNet Project and click Next.

    New project menu

  4. In the configure window, type the name for your project and click Create.

    Configure project

  5. In the Tizen Profile Select window, select the required profile, 7.0 platform version, and TizenNUIGadget_inhouse template then click OK.

    Version selection

  6. The Visual Studio window with newly created project appears on the Solution Explorer.

    Visual Studio screen

Build your project and package it as RPK

  1. To build TizenNUIGadget and package it as RPK, select Build Solution in the Solution Explorer window.

    Build project

  2. After the build is successful, the RPK package location will be shown in Output logs.

    Build project output