Network Service Discovery

You can use 2 different protocols to perform network service discoveries to announce local services and search for remote services on a network: DNS-SD (DNS Service Discovery) and SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol).

The main features of the Tizen.Network.Nsd namespace include:


To enable your application to use the network service discovery functionality:

  1. To use the Tizen.Network.Nsd namespace, the application has to request permission by adding the following privilege to the tizen-manifest.xml file:

  2. To make your application visible in Tizen Store only for devices that support the DNS-SD and SSDP protocols, the application must specify the following features in the tizen-manifest.xml file:

    <feature name=""/>
    <feature name=""/>
  3. To use the methods and properties of the Tizen.Network.Nsd namespace, include it in your application:

    using Tizen.Network.Nsd;

Registering Local Services

To register and deregister a local DNS-SD service:

  1. Register a service by creating a new instance of the Tizen.Network.Nsd.DnssdService class and using its RegisterService() method:

    /// Register service
    INsdService service = new DnssdService("_http._tcp");
    DnssdService dnssdService = (DnssdService)service;
  2. Deregister the service by using the DeregisterService() method.

    When the Tizen.Network.Nsd.DnssdService class instance is no longer needed, destroy it with the Dispose() method.

    /// Deregister service

Discovering Remote Services

To discover remote DNS-SD services:

  1. Start discovery by creating a new instance of the Tizen.Network.Nsd.DnssdBrowser class and using its StartDiscovery() method:

    /// Start discovery
    INsdBrowser browser = new DnssdBrowser("_http._tcp");
    DnssdBrowser dnssdBrowser = (DnssdBrowser)browser;
  2. When you have found the services you need, stop discovery by using the StopDiscovery() method.

    When the Tizen.Network.Nsd.DnssdBrowser class instance is no longer needed, destroy it with the Dispose() method.

    /// Stop discovery
  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 4.0 and Higher