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NUI provides a system to organize screens and navigate between them.

Tizen.NUI.Components.Page class helps to organize a screen as a formatted full screen page or a dialog on the screen. NUI provides Tizen.NUI.Components.ContentPage class to organize a formatted full screen page and Tizen.NUI.Components.DialogPage class to show a dialog on the screen.

Tizen.NUI.Components.Navigator class helps to navigate between pages. Navigator has a LIFO structure to manage pages by stack methods such as Push and Pop methods. The Peek page, which has been pushed last, is displayed on the screen by overlapping the previous page. Since each instance of Tizen.NUI.Window class provides a default Navigator with GetDefaultNavigator method, it is recommended to use the default Navigator to navigate between pages.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 6.5 and Higher
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