You can access, add, and edit metadata in media files.

The main metadata features include:

  • Metadata editing

    You can edit the metadata of several popular audio formats using the metadata editor. You can add and remove album art, or update the information for the audio file.

    The metadata editor supports editing the metadata of audio files in the MP3 and MP4 file formats. Image and video file editing is not supported.

  • Metadata extraction

    Media files, such as MP3 and MP4 files, contain extractable metadata. You can retrieve metadata from such media files with the metadata extractor.

    The metadata extractor can be used with video and audio files only. It is not supported for image files.

  • MIME type handling

    You can get the MIME type for a file extension and get a list of file extensions associated, for example, with an image or the JPEG MIME type.


To enable your application to use the metadata functionality:

  1. To access media files on the device, the application has to request permission by adding the following privileges to the tizen-manifest.xml file:

    <privileges> <!--To access media storage--> <privilege></privilege> <!--To access external storage--> <privilege></privilege> </privileges>
  2. To use the methods and properties of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataEditor and Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataExtractor classes, include the Tizen.Multimedia namespace in your application:

    using Tizen.Multimedia;

Editing Metadata and Artwork

To add and edit metadata in an audio file:

  1. Create an instance of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataEditor class with the path of the file to be edited. Make sure you have access to the file whose metadata and artwork you want to edit.

    var metadataEditor = new MetadataEditor(mediaPath);
  2. Edit the metadata by using various properties of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataEditor class:

    /// Set the title of the audio file metadataEditor.Title = "My Song"; /// Set the artist of the audio file metadataEditor.Artist = "Artist";
  3. To add images to the audio file:

    1. Add an image to the audio file using the AddPicture() method of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataEditor class with an image path containing the artwork.

      The image to be added must be in JPEG or PNG format. The image is added to the first free index position. You can add multiple image files to the same audio file.

    2. To remove an image from the file, use the RemovePicture() method with the index number of image file to be removed:

      int index = 5; metadataEditor.RemovePicture(index);
    3. To retrieve the number of images added to the file, use the PictureCount property of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataEditor class and to retrieve a specific image, use the GetPicture() method with the index number of the desired image:

      /// Get the number of images associated with the file int pictureCount = metadataEditor.PictureCount; /// Retrieve a specific image Artwork artwork = metadataEditor.GetPicture(pictureCount - 1);
  4. Apply the metadata and artwork changes to the audio file using the Commit() method:


Retrieving Metadata

To retrieve metadata from a file:

  1. Create an instance of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataExtractor class and pass the path of the file or buffer whose metadata you want to retrieve as a parameter:

    • Create a Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataExtractor instance with a file path parameter:

      var metadataExtractor = new MetadataExtractor(mediaPath);
    • Create a Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataExtractor instance with a buffer parameter:

      var buffer = File.ReadAllBytes(mediaPath); var metadataExtractor = new MetadataExtractor(buffer);
  2. Retrieve the metadata:

    • Retrieve the metadata from the file by using the GetMetadata() method of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataExtractor class, which returns a instance of the Tizen.Multimedia.Metadata class containing all the metadata of the file.

      The following example retrieves the artist and title of the media file:

      /// Get Artist and Title metadata of the file Metadata metadata = metadataExtractor.GetMetadata(); Tizen.Log.Info(LogTag, "Artist: " + metadata.Artist); Tizen.Log.Info(LogTag, "Title: " + metadata.Title);

      You can retrieve other metadata in the same way.

    • For an audio file, retrieve the artwork from the file using the GetArtwork() method, which returns a instance of the Tizen.Multimedia.Artwork class containing the encoded artwork image and the MIME type of the artwork:

      var artWork = metadataExtractor.GetArtwork();
    • For an audio file, retrieve the synchronized lyrics from the file using the GetSyncLyrics() method with an index number as a parameter.

      To retrieve the synchronized lyrics index number, use the SyncLyricsCount property of the Tizen.Multimedia.Metadata class.

      The following example code retrieves the synchronized lyrics from index number 1 and prints the time information and lyrics:

      /// Retrieve the synchronized lyrics of the file Metadata metadata = metadataExtractor.GetMetadata(); SyncLyrics syncLyrics = metadataExtractor.GetSyncLyrics(1); Tizen.Log.Info(LogTag, $"Lyrics = {syncLyrics.Lyrics}, Timestamp = {syncLyrics.Timestamp}");
    • For a video file, retrieve frames from the file in one of the following ways:

      • To retrieve a frame without specifying the time when the frame appears, use the GetVideoThumbnail() method:

        byte[] thumbnail = metadataExtractor.GetVideoThumbnail();
      • To retrieve a frame with a timestamp, use the GetFrameAt() method with the timestamp in milliseconds. To capture the exact frame desired, the second parameter must be set to true, otherwise the method returns the i-frame nearest to the desired timestamp.

        byte[] videoFrame = metadataExtractor.GetFrameAt(100, true);

Getting the MIME Type for a File Extension

To retrieve the MIME type for a given file extension, use the GetMimeType() method of the Tizen.Content.MimeType.MimeUtil class.

If the given file extension is not associated with any specific file format, the MIME type is application/octet-stream.

string mimeType = MimeUtil.GetMimeType("png");

Getting File Extensions for a MIME Type

To retrieve the file extensions for a given MIME type, use GetFileExtension() method of the Tizen.Content.MimeType.MimeUtil class:

/// Retrieve a list of file extensions for a given MIME type IEnumerable<string> ext = MimeUtil.GetFileExtension("video/mpeg"); foreach(string ex in ext) { Tizen.Log.Info(LogTag, "Extension = " + ex); }

Editable Metadata Attributes

The following table lists the metadata you can edit.

Table: Editable metadata attributes

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Attribute Description Property or method of the Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataEditor class
Artist Artist of the audio content Artist
Title Title of the audio content Title
Album Album of the audio content Album
Genre Genre of the audio content Genre
Composer Composer of the audio content Composer
Copyright Copyright of the audio content Copyright
Date Date of the audio content Date
Description Description of the audio content Description
Comment Comment of the audio content Comment
TrackNumber Track number of the audio content TrackNumber
Picture Picture of the audio content PictureCount
Conductor Conductor of the audio content Conductor
Unsync lyrics Unsync lyrics of the audio content UnsyncLyrics

Extractable Metadata Attributes

The following table lists the extractable metadata.

The metadata is available with the properties and methods of the Tizen.Multimedia.AudioMetadata, Tizen.Multimedia.Metadata, Tizen.Multimedia.MetadataExtractor, Tizen.Multimedia.SyncLyrics, and Tizen.Multimedia.VideoMetadata classes.

Table: Metadata extractor attributes

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Attribute Description Property or method
Duration Duration of the content Metadata.Duration
Video bit rate Bit rate of the video content VideoMetadata.BitRate
Video FPS FPS of the video content VideoMetadata.Fps
Video codec Codec of the video content VideoMetadata.Codec
Video stream count Number of streams of the video content VideoMetadata.StreamCount
Video resolution Resolution of the video content VideoMetadata.Width
Audio bit rate Bit rate of the audio content AudioMetadata.BitRate
Audio channels Channel of the audio content AudioMetadata.Channels
Audio sample rate Sample rate of the audio content AudioMetadata.SampleRate
Audio bit per sample Bit per sample of the audio content AudioMetadata.BitPerSample
Audio codec Codec of the audio content AudioMetadata.Codec
Audio stream count Number of streams of the audio content AudioMetadata.StreamCount
Artist Artist of the content Metadata.Artist
Title Title of the content Metadata.Title
Album Album of the content Metadata.Album
Album artist Album artist of the content Metadata.AlbumArtist
Genre Genre of the content Metadata.Genre
Composer Composer of the content Metadata.Composer
Copyright Copyright of the content Metadata.Copyright
Date Date of the content Metadata.Date
Description Description of the content Metadata.Description
Comment Comment about the content Metadata.Comment
TrackNumber Track number of the content Metadata.TrackNumber
Classification Classification of the content Metadata.Classification
Rating Rating of the content Metadata.Rating
Longitude Longitude of the content Metadata.Longitude
Latitude Latitude of the content Metadata.Latitude
Altitude Altitude of the content Metadata.Altitude
Conductor Conductor of the content Metadata.Conductor
Unsync lyrics Asynchronous lyrics of the content Metadata.UnsyncLyrics
Sync lyrics Synchronous lyrics of the content Metadata.SyncLyricsCount
Recorded date Recorded date of the content Metadata.DateRecorded
Duration Orientation of the content Metadata.Rotation
  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 4.0 and Higher
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