Advanced Animation Methods

Path Animation

The Path class is a three-dimensional parametric curve that is used to animate the position and orientation of actors.

The Path consists of several points and each adjacent pair of points becomes a segment of the path. Each segment can be curved by adding control points to it.

In the following example, the P1, P2 and P3 form the path where the blue circle travels. The C1 and C2 are the control points for a first segment [P1-P2], where C3 and C4 are for a second segment [P2-P3]. The control points express the curvature of the path.

To generate the Path object, use the following code:

Path path = new Path(); // Path Points path.AddPoint(new Position(0, 100)); // P1 path.AddPoint(new Position(100, 100)); // P2 path.AddPoint(new Position(200, 100)); // P3 // Control Points for a first segment path.AddControlPoint(new Position(40, 20)); // C1 path.AddControlPoint(new Position(60, 20)); // C2 // Control Points for a second segment path.AddControlPoint(new Position(140, 180)); // C3 path.AddControlPoint(new Position(160, 180)); // C4

To animate View along this path, use the following function:

Animation animation = new Animation(3000/*duration*/); animation.AnimatePath(view, path, Vector3.Zero); animation.Play();

The third parameter is the forward vector in a local space coordinate system and is oriented with the tangent direction of the path.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 4.0 and Higher
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