Hybrid application development

Develop application

The following sections explain how to use Visual Studio Extension for Tizen to develop hybrid applications. Hybrid application for Tizen supports different types (.NET/Native/Web) of projects in the same solution/workspace.

Create Tizen .NET project

To create a Tizen .NET project: Refer to Create Tizen .NET project

Add Tizen Native project

To add a Tizen Native project into the above created .NET project to make the Hybrid solution:

  1. In the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, right click on Solution Add > New Project.

  2. For creating Native application, select C++ and Tizen options in the dropdown list. Then, select Tizen Native Project and click Next.

    Create Tizen project

  3. In the configure window, type the name for your project and click Create.

    Configure project

  4. In the Tizen Profile Select window, select the required template for your project, then click OK.

    Version selection

  5. The Visual Studio window with newly created project appears on the Solution Explorer.

    Visual Studio screen

Set startup project

  1. From Solution Explorer, right click on the desired project and select Set as Startup Project.

Add project dependency

  1. From Solution Explorer, right click on Startup Project and select Add Tizen Project Dependency.

    Add Project Dependency

  2. A window with a project list for selection will be displayed.

    Project Dependency List

  3. Select the dependency projects and press OK button.

    Project Dependency List

Build your project

  1. To build your project, select Build Solution in the Solution Explorer window.

    Build project

  2. To deploy and run your application, select Debug > Start without Debugging.


    Ensure the emulator is running in your system.

    Run application


Debug your application in emulator

  1. Open the .cs file in your Visual Studio application.

  2. Add a break point in your source code.

    Add break point

  3. Start the debugging session by selecting Debug > Start Debugging in the menu bar, or pressing F5, or by clicking the Debug button in the menu bar.