Tizen Resource Package

Tizen Resource Package(RPK) is available from Tizen 6.5 platform onwards, it is a package dedicated to resources only. It is currently supported only in Tizen CLI. For more information on CLI, see Command Line Interface Commands.

Creating RPK Project

Use the Tizen CLI create command to create a project. Syntax as below:

tizen create resource-project -t rpk_app -n {rpk_package_project_name} -- {working_directory}

Packaging RPK Project

Use the Tizen CLI package command to package the project. Since the project contains only resources hence the project does not require to be built. Syntax as below:

tizen package -t rpk -s {security_profile} -- {working_directory}\{rpk_package_project_name}

Installing RPK Project

Use the Tizen CLI install command to install the package on the device. Syntax as below:

 tizen install -n {package_name} -- {working_directory}\{rpk_package_project_name}\Package
  • Dependencies
    • Tizen Studio 4.5 and Higher
    • Tizen 6.5 and Higher