Certificate Manager

Before installing your application on a device or submitting it to the official site for Tizen applications, it must be signed with a certificate profile. The signature verifies the source of the application and makes sure it has not been tampered with since its publication. A certificate profile is a combination of the certificates used for signing.

Selecting the Certificates

To select the certificates used to package your application:

  1. In the Visual Studio menu, go to Tools > Options > Tizen > Certification.

  2. Define the certificates in one of the following ways:

    • Using the default certificates

      If you do not need to upload your application to the store, you can use a default certificate and deploy your application in the Tizen Emulator for testing purposes.

      To use the default certificates, uncheck the Sign the .TPK file using the following option. checkbox.

      Use default certificates

    • Using an existing certificate profile

      If you have used Tizen Studio before and have already generated a certificate profile using the Tizen Certificate Manager, you can import the profile by selecting Use profile of Tizen Certificate Manager from the drop-down list.

      If you want to create a new certificate profile, see Creating a Certificate Profile.

      Use existing certificate profile

    • Using your own certificates

      If you already have author and distributor certificates from another application store, you can import them by selecting Direct registration from the drop-down list and entering the required information.

      Use own certificates

  3. Click OK.

Creating a Certificate Profile


It is recommended to keep your certificates and password safe in the local repo to prevent it from being compromised.

A certificate profile consists of an author certificate and 1 or 2 distributor certificates:

  • An author certificate includes information about the author of the application. It is used to create an author signature, which ensures the integrity of the application from the author since the publication of the application.
  • A distributor certificate includes information about the distributor of the application, such as a store. It is used to create a distributor signature, which ensures the integrity of the application from the distributor since the distribution of the application.

To distribute your application, you must create a certificate profile and sign the application with it. You can create a new certificate profile with the Certificate Manager:

  1. In the Visual Studio menu, select Tools > Tizen > Tizen Certificate Manager.

  2. In the Certificate Manager window, click + to create a new profile.

    Certificate Manager window

    The certificate profile creation wizard opens.

  3. Enter a name for the profile and click Next.

    Certificate profile creation wizard

  4. Add the author and distributor certificates:

    1. Select whether to create a new author certificate or use a previously created author certificate, and click Next.

      Author certificate

      Define the existing author certificate or enter the required information for a new certificate, and click Next.

      Author information

    2. You can use the default Tizen distributor certificate or another distributor certificate if you have one. In general, the default Tizen distributor certificate is used and you do not need to modify the distributor certificates. You can also select the privilege level of the distributor certificate (needed if the same certificate is used for signing native and Web applications).

      Distributor certificate

  5. Click Finish.

Managing Certificate Profiles

You can view, edit, and remove the certificate profiles you have created in the Certificate Manager.

Figure: Managing certificate profiles

Managing certificate profiles

To manage a certificate profile:

  • To see the details of an individual certificate within the selected certificate profile, click the info button (Info).

    Figure: Certificate information

    Certificate information

  • To change the author or distributor certificate of the selected certificate profile, click the pencil button (Pencil).

    Figure: Changing the certificate

    Changing the certificate

  • To remove the selected certificate profile, click the trash button (Trash).

  • To set the selected certificate profile as active, click the check button (Check).

    The active profile is used when you package your application. The active profile is also automatically set in Tools > Options > Tizen > Certification.

    Figure: Removing the certificate profile or setting it active

    Trash and check buttons