Web Application Development

The VS code extension installation can be done in two different ways. Refer to VS code extension installation section for details.

Develop application

The following sections explain how to use Visual Studio Code Extension for Tizen to develop your applications.

Create Tizen Web project

To create a Tizen Web project, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new directory as the root directory for your project.

  2. In Visual Studio Code, open the project directory you created.

    Open directory

  3. In the pop up window, select Trust folder and enable all features button.

    Trust folder

  4. Open the Command Palette and select Tizen: Create Tizen project.

    Create project

  5. Select the project type as Web.

    Select project

  6. Select the required profile for your application development.

    Select profile

  7. Select the profile version for your application.

    Select version

  8. Select the required project template for your application from template list.

    Select template

  9. Enter the project name.

    project name

Build your project

  1. Open the Command Palette and enter build. Select Tizen: Build Tizen project.

    Build project

  2. Review the build results in the output window, and check the location of the package file (.tpk).

    Review result

Deploy and run your application in emulator

  1. To launch the Tizen Emulator Manager, open the Command Palette and enter emulator. Select Tizen: Launch Tizen Emulator Manager.

    Launch emulator

  2. Create and launch an emulator instance in the Emulator Manager.

  3. To deploy your application to the target, enter install Tizen in the Command Palette and select Tizen: Install Tizen application.

    Install application

  4. To run the application on the emulator, enter run in the Command Palette and select Tizen: Run Tizen application.

    Run application


Debug your application in emulator

  1. Deploy and run your application in the emulator.

  2. In the command palette, type run debug and then select Tizen: Debug Tizen application.


    If the chrome path is not available in the default location, you need to enter the chrome path before debugging process begins.


  3. Add a break point in your source code.

    Break point

Debug your application in web simulator

  1. In VS Code, click View > Command Palette.

  2. In the input field of the Command Palette that appears type simulator, then select Tizen Web: Run Web Simulator.

    Web simulator

    Web simulator