Circle Genlist

This feature is supported in wearable applications only.

The circle genlist component is used to visualize and utilize the scroll effect for the genlist component (elm_genlist). While the elm_genlist component provides a scrollbar with straight horizontal and vertical movement, the circle genlist provides a scrollbar with circular movement. It is also operated with rotary events to move to the next or previous item.

For more information, see the Efl Extension Circle Genlist API.

Figure: Circle genlist component

Circle genlist component

Adding a Circle Genlist Component

To create a circle genlist component, use the eext_circle_object_genlist_add() function. Pass a genlist and circle surface to the function as parameters.

Evas_Object *genlist;
Evas_Object *circle_genlist;
Evas_Object *parent;

genlist = elm_genlist_add(parent);
circle_genlist = eext_circle_object_genlist_add(genlist, surface);

Configuring the Circle Genlist

To set the circle genlist scroller policy, use the eext_circle_object_genlist_scroller_policy_set() function. The scroller policy can be:

  • ELM_SCROLLER_POLICY_AUTO: Scrollbar is made visible if it is needed, and otherwise kept hidden.
  • ELM_SCROLLER_POLICY_ON: Scrollbar is always visible.
  • ELM_SCROLLER_POLICY_OFF: Scrollbar is always hidden.

The following example sets the horizontal scrollbar off and the vertical scrollbar always on:


Activating a Rotary Event

To activate or deactivate the circle genlist, use the eext_rotary_object_event_activated_set() function:

eext_rotary_object_event_activated_set(circle_genlist, EINA_TRUE);

If the second parameter is EINA_TRUE, the circle genlist can receive rotary events.

Title and Padding Styles

Only the center focused item in the circle genlist is selectable. To allow all the items to be selectable, you must add title and padding style item in the top and the bottom position:

Elm_Genlist_Item_Class *title_itc = elm_genlist_item_class_new();
Elm_Genlist_Item_Class *pad_itc = elm_genlist_item_class_new();

title_itc->item_style = "title";
title_itc->func.text_get = _gl_title_text_get;
title_itc->func.content_get = gl_title_icon_get;
title_itc->func.del = _gl_del;

pad_itc->item_style = "padding";
pad_itc->func.del = _gl_del;

elm_genlist_item_prepend(circle_genlist, title_itc, NULL, NULL, ELM_GENLIST_ITEM_NONE, NULL, NULL);
elm_genlist_item_append(circle_genlist, pad_itc, NULL, NULL, ELM_GENLIST_ITEM_NONE, NULL, NULL);

To use the title with the group index, use the title_with_groupindex style instead of the title style.


The usage of title and padding style is specific to the top and the bottom position of circle genlist.

Configure Circle Properties

To configure the circle properties of the circle genlist:

  • You can modify the circle object within the circle genlist component using the following functions:

    • eext_circle_object_line_width_set()
    • eext_circle_object_line_width_get()
    • eext_circle_object_radius_set()
    • eext_circle_object_radius_get()
    • eext_circle_object_color_set()
    • eext_circle_object_color_get()
    • eext_circle_object_disabled_set()
    • eext_circle_object_disabled_get()
  • You can modify the circle genlist item properties with the eext_circle_object_item_XXX() functions.

    The circle genlist has the following items:

    • default: Default circle item that draws a vertical scroll bar.
    • vertical,scroll,bg: Vertical scroll background circle item.

For more information, see Circle Object and the Efl Extension Circle Object API.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable