The check UI component accepts user input by the method of toggling. It is similar to the radio component, except that it does not work as a group. For more information, see the Check API.

This feature is supported in mobile applications only.

Basic Usage

To use a check component in your application:

  1. Add a check component with the elm_check_add() function:

    Evas_Object *check;
    check = elm_check_add(parent);
  2. Set a style and fill the check component with a text or an image according to the style:

    • Set a style to the check component with the elm_object_style_set() function. If you use the default style, you can skip this step.

      elm_object_style_set(check, "favorite");
    • Set a label to the check component with the elm_object_text_set() or elm_object_part_text_set() function:

      /* Default style */
      elm_object_text_set(check, "Check");
      /* on&off style */
      elm_object_part_text_set(check, "on", "True");
      elm_object_part_text_set(check, "off", "False");
    • Set an icon to the button with the elm_object_part_content_set() function and pass the icon part name as a parameter.

      Evas_Object *icon;
      elm_object_part_content_set(check, "icon", icon);
  3. Register the callback functions.

    The following example shows how to define and register a callback for the changed signal:

    evas_object_smart_callback_add(check, "changed", changed_cb, data);
    changed_cb(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, void *event_info)
        dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG, "The value has changed\n");

The following example shows a simple use case of the check component.

Example: Check use case

Check component

Evas_Object *win;
Evas_Object *conf;
Evas_Object *nf;
Evas_Object *box;
Evas_Object *check;

/* Starting right after the basic EFL UI layout code */
/* win - conformant - naviframe */

/* Add a box to pack a check */
box = elm_box_add(nf);
elm_object_content_set(nf, box);
elm_naviframe_item_push(nf, "Check", NULL, NULL, box, NULL);

check = elm_check_add(box);
elm_box_pack_end(box, check);


The following table lists the available component styles.

Table: Check styles

Style Sample Text part Swallow part
default elm/check/base/default default icon
favorite elm/check/base/favorite N/A N/A
on&off elm/check/base/on&off on


You can register callback functions connected to the following signals for a check object.

Table: Check callback signals

Signal Description event_info
changed The check component value changes. NULL


The signal list in the API reference can be more extensive, but only the above signals are actually supported in Tizen.


Except as noted, this content is licensed under LGPLv2.1+.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile