The messaging features introduce how you can use email, SMS, and MMS messaging in your application. You can also use the push messaging service to provide push notifications to your application.

You can use the following messaging features in your .NET applications:

  • Email

    You can enable the user to create and send email messages, as long as the user’s email account has been correctly configured on the device. You can use attachments in the messages, and monitor the sending status of the messages.

  • Messages

    You can create, send, and read text and multimedia messages. You can also search for messages, and track when new messages arrive, or outgoing messages have been successfully sent.

  • Push and Push Server

    The application can receive push notifications from a push server. You can create a push server, register your application and connect to the push messaging service, and send notifications from the server to the application using the push messaging service.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 4.0 and Higher
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