Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) inference feature introduces how you can easily invoke the neural network model and get the inference output result effortlessly and efficiently.

You can use the following machine learning feature in your .NET applications:

  • SingleShot

    You can use the Tizen.MachineLearning.Inference.SingleShot class, to load the existing neural network model or your own specific model from the storage. After loading the model, you can invoke it with a single instance of input data. Then, you can get the inference output result.

You can also use the Pipeline feature to manage the topology of data and the interconnection between processors and models. This feature is available in Native APIs from Tizen 5.5. However, this feature is not available in .NET APIs. This feature will be available in the .NET APIs from the next Tizen version.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 5.5 and Higher