The Picture is a special drawable that is designed to draw a scene on the CanvasView from image data. Picture supports several image formats (SVG, JPG, PNG and TVG) including vector-based and bitmap-based formats.


TVG image format is a binary image format of ThorVG library which is vector backend engine of NUI VectorGraphics. For more information on TVG, see About ThorVG.

Below is an example of picture.

//generate a picture Picture pictureJPG = new Picture(); pictureJPG.Load( <JPG_FILE_PATH> ); pictureJPG.SetSize(new Size2D(250, 250)); pictureJPG.Translate(50.0f, 50.0f); //add the jpg picture into the canvas view canvasView.AddDrawable(pictureJPG); //generate a picture Picture pictureSVG = new Picture(); pictureSVG.Load( <SVG_FILE_PATH> ); pictureSVG.SetSize(new Size2D(250, 250)); pictureSVG.Translate(150.0f, 150.0f); //add the svg picture into the canvas view canvasView.AddDrawable(pictureSVG);


  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 6.5 and Higher
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