Styles Block

The styles block contains 1 or more style blocks. A style block is used to create style <tags> for advanced textblock formatting.

Figure: Styles block

Styles block

styles {
   style {
      name: "stylename";
      base: "..default style properties..";
      tag: "tagname" " properties..";
  • name [style name]

    Sets the name of the style to be used as a reference later in the theme.

  • base [style properties string]

    Sets the default style properties applied to the complete text. The following tags can be used in the style property:

    • font
    • font_size


      The font size is a point size, and the size of the rendered text is affected by the ppi information. The system basic ppi is 96, and you can change it in the emulator menu.

    • color
    • color_class
    • text_class
    • ellipsis
    • wrap
    • style
    • valign
    • align
  • tag [tag name] [style properties string]

    Sets the style to be applied only to text between style <tags>..</tags>. When creating paired tags, like <bold></bold>, a ‘+’ sign must be added at the start of the style properties of the first part (<bold>). If the second part (</bold>) is also defined, a ‘-’ sign must be added to its style properties. This applies only to paired tags; single tags, like <tab>, must not have a starting ‘+’.

    • br
    • tab
    • b
    • match

    The following code is the style sample for the text style:

    style {
       name: "list_text_main";
       base: "font=Tizen:style=Regular font_size=30 color=#ffffff ellipsis=1.0";
       tag: "br" "\n";\
       tag: "ps" "ps";\
       tag: "tab" "\t";\
       tag: "b" "+ font_weight=Bold";


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  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
    • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable