Privilege Information

Tizen provides privilege information for user notification.

With the Tizen.Security.Privilege class, you can retrieve the following privilege information:

  • Privilege name: Privilege description in a simple present participle form.
  • Privilege description: Detailed information on permissions, including accessible resources and functionality, that the application can get with this privilege. It also contains information related to billing or device performance, such as cost or increased battery usage.
  • Privacy name: Privacy name represents a group of privileges that are related to a certain privacy feature.

Since Tizen 3.0, some privileges are categorized as privacy-related. The user can switch those privileges on and off as needed by changing certain privileges’ status to allow or deny them at runtime. This means that the application calling a privileged method can be prevented from using it even if the required privilege is declared in its manifest file. Specific methods can be used to check the privacy-related privilege’s current status and get the privacy name that includes the privilege. For example, you can use the methods to check the privilege’s current status before calling a method that requires the privilege, and if the status is off, display a guide message to the user to ask them to go to the device privacy settings and switch the required privacy on.


To use the methods and properties of the Tizen.Security.Privilege class, include the Tizen.Security namespace in your application. If you want to designate a privilege’s type, include the Tizen.Applications namespace too. This is shown in the following code block:

using Tizen.Security; using Tizen.Applications;

Get privilege information

To get various privilege information, follow these steps:

  • Get the privilege display name using the GetDisplayName() method of the Tizen.Security.Privilege class:

    try { var displayName = Privilege.GetDisplayName("4.0", ""); var displayNamePkgType = Privilege.GetDisplayName("4.0", "", PackageType.TPK); } catch (Exception e) { /// Error handling }
  • Get the privilege description using the GetDescription() method of the Tizen.Security.Privilege class:

    try { var description = Privilege.GetDescription("4.0", ""); var descriptionPkgType = Privilege.GetDescription("4.0", "", PackageType.TPK); } catch (Exception e) { /// Error handling }
  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 4.0 and Higher
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