Application Manager

The application manager provides information about installed and running applications. It provides functions for obtaining the application name and absolute path to share files among all applications.

The main features of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationManager class include:

Iterator methods are used to travel through a list of applications. The GetRunningApplicationsAsync() method of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationManager class is used for running applications and the GetInstalledApplicationsAsync() method is used for installed applications.


To enable your application to use the application management functionality:

  1. To use the methods and properties of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationManager, Tizen.Applications.ApplicationRunningContext, and Tizen.Applications.ApplicationInfo classes, include the Tizen.Applications namespace in your application:

    using Tizen.Applications;
  2. To use the Resume() method of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationRunningContext class, the application has to request permission by adding the following privilege to the tizen-manifest.xml file:


Managing Application Running Context

To manage the context of the currently running application, follow these steps:

  1. Get the context of the currently running application. To get the context, create an instance of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationRunningContext class, with the ID of the application from which the context is being obtained as a parameter.

    If you do not have the application ID, you can retrieve it as:

    string applicationId = ApplicationManager.GetAppId(Your PID);

    When an application is not running, it is impossible to get its context:

    ApplicationRunningContext appRunningContext = new ApplicationRunningContext(Your App ID);
  2. Operate on the application context:

    • Get the application ID, package ID, and process ID from the context:

      string applicationId = appRunningContext.ApplicationId;
      string packageId = appRunningContext.PackageId;
      int processId = appRunningContext.ProcessId;
    • Check the state of the application:

      if (appRunningContext.State == ApplicationRunningContext.AppState.Foreground)
          /// UI application is running in the foreground
      else if (appRunningContext.State == ApplicationRunningContext.AppState.Background)
          /// UI application is running in the background
      else if (appRunningContext.State == ApplicationRunningContext.AppState.Service)
          /// Service application is running
      else if (appRunningContext.State == ApplicationRunningContext.AppState.Terminated)
          /// Application is terminated
          /// State is undefined
      if (appRunningContext.IsTerminated) {
          /// Application is not running now
    • Resume the running application:

    • Terminate the background application:


Getting Information on Filtered Applications

To get information on filtered applications:

  1. Create the filter as an instance of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationInfoFilter class:

    ApplicationInfoFilter appInfoFilter = new ApplicationInfoFilter();
  2. Add filter rules:

    appInfoFilter.Filter.Add(ApplicationInfoFilter.Keys.Type, "dotnet");
  3. Call the GetInstalledApplicationsAsync() method of the Tizen.Applications.ApplicationManager class and retrieve all filtered applications and print their information:

    IEnumerable<ApplicationInfo> appInfoList = await ApplicationManager.GetInstalledApplicationsAsync(appinfoFilter);
    foreach (ApplicationInfo appInfo in appInfoList)
        Log.Debug("Tag", "applicationId: " + appInfo.ApplicationId);
        Log.Debug("Tag", "packageId: " + appInfo.PackageId);
        Log.Debug("Tag", "label: " + appInfo.Label);
        Log.Debug("Tag", "executablePath: " + appInfo.ExecutablePath);
        Log.Debug("Tag", "iconPath: " + appInfo.IconPath);
        Log.Debug("Tag", "applicationType: " + appInfo.ApplicationType);
        Log.Debug("Tag", "isNoDisplay: " + appInfo.IsNoDisplay.ToString());
        Log.Debug("Tag", "isOnBoot: " + appInfo.IsOnBoot.ToString());
        Log.Debug("Tag", "isPreload: " + appInfo.IsPreload.ToString());
        Log.Debug("Tag", "sharedResourcePath: " + appInfo.SharedResourcePath);

Getting Information on Current Application

To get information on the current application, follow these steps:

  1. Call the Current property of the Tizen.Applications class:

    Application application = Application.Current;
  2. Operate on the application information:

    • Get the application directory information:

      DirectoryInfo directory = application.DirectoryInfo;
    • Get the application name:

      string name = application.Name;
    • Get the application version:

      string version = application.Version;
  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 4.0 and Higher