Collections Block

The collections block is used to list the groups that compose the theme. Additional collections blocks do not prevent overriding group names.

Figure: Collections block

Collections block

collections {
   base_scale: 1.8;
   sounds {
      tone: "tone-1" 2300;
      tone: "tone-2" 440;
      sample {
         name: "sound_file1" RAW;
         source: "sound_file1.wav";
   group {
      name: "groupname";
      alias: "anothername;"
      min: width height;
      max: width height;
      parts {}
      scripts {}
      limits {}
      data {}
      programs {}
  • base_scale: [scale factor]

    Sets information about the scale factor in the EDC file.

    Object scaling must be defined in the config.xml file of the application to show the application in a proper size on other devices. However, the scaling must be based on the scale 1.0. If the application is based on another scale, this scale must be defined in the config.xml file. This predefined scale is called the base scale.

    The size of a scalable object is multiplied with the device scale value. If the scalable object with the size 10 is created on a device with scale 1.0, the size of the object is 20 on a device with scale 2.0, and 40 on a device with scale 4.0.

    For more information on supporting multiple screens in one EDC, see the Multiple Screen Support guide.

  • sounds block

    The sounds block contains 1 or more sound sample and tone items.

    • tone [tone name] [frequency]

      Sets the sound of the given frequency.

    • sounds.sample block

      The sample block defines the sound sample.

      • name [sample name] [compression type] (quality)

        Used to include each sound file. The full path to the directory holding the sounds can be defined later with the edje_cc tool’s -sd option. The valid compression types are:

        • RAW: Uncompressed
        • COMP: Lossless compression
        • LOSSY [-0.1 - 1.0]: Lossy compression with quality from 0.0 to 1.0
        • AS_IS: No compression or encoding, write the file information as it is
      • source [file name]

        Sets the sound source file name (mono or stereo WAV file; only files with the 44.1 KHz sample rate are supported for now).

  • group block

    The group block defines Edje Objects.

Except as noted, this content is licensed under LGPLv2.1+.

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
    • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable